How much does HelpyScale cost?

From just $24/month, HelpyScale easily saves you hundreds of $$$ each month. Your first scheduler is free forever.


Free forever

  • 1 free scheduler
  • Full-feature, forever
  • Limited support
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  • Unlimited scheduler
  • More complicated requirements
  • Premium support
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Common Questions

How many DigitalOcean account can I manage?

For each user, you can only specify 1 API key, hence you can only manage a single account/team from each HelpyScale account. If you want to manage multiple DigitalOcean account, you will need to create a new HelpyScale account.

What will happen if I stop my subscription?

We will simply stop managing your servers and load balancer. For added security, we will also automatically delete your existing DigitalOcean API key.